Hi, friend! Whether you came here intentionally or meandered your way onto this site, I’m thrilled you’re here! Now, what do I write about? What will you find? What do my musings look like?

Someone once told me to write what I know and that’s what I’m doing. I write the story that’s been given to me; been told to me; been writing itself through me for twenty-something years now.¬† And I’ve found that stories connect people. They build and foster our humanity. I’ve also found that in telling my story, I’m telling shards of your story, and the story that connects us all to each other. It’s the beautiful, difficult, messy, chaotic story of wandering in this big, wide world trying to love and correct the wrongs that lay around us and within us.

I provide resources and thoughts on ethical shopping as well as¬†discuss my experiences working in the local jail facilitating writing workshops. I’ll share my thoughts on community literacy and my experiences learning alongside other community members and incarcerated individuals as we all seek to share parts of our story with one another.

I invite you in on this journey. Tell me your story. Let me take you out to coffee and let’s share notes about the working-outs of a difficult, challenging faithful life. I believe love, laughter, and listening can change the world.

Join me?


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